• Quality is our priority ...

    Quality is our priority ...

    About Company

    X-treme Artist

    We're the best artistic company in Uganda today, we started way back in 2010 with just few design we could do, that is to say; t-shirts and budges using screen printing but we later evolved into a big company with variety of services and have 2 brances one in Kasubi and other Arua Park in the city center.

    Our Core Values
    • Creativity in services & products
    • Cooperation within the team
    • Commitment to excellence
    • Customer Satisfaction

    Experienced Team

    We have experienced and professional artist who can deliver more than your expectations.

    Guaranteed Works

    With X-treme Arstist, each work handed to us is considered work done.

    Free Consultation

    Clients consulting us on the best way to achieve his/her goal through our work is completely free.

    Reasonable price

    Our prices are completely reasonable, fair and negotiable. We accept shillings and US Dollas at the moment